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Health is wealth and the wealthiest for the caretakers of our life. We are indeed talking about women: mothers and daughters. We are also some of you and therefore exactly feel the bone-breaking pains, the fatigues of over-work and the stress of over-expectation. We are the strongest and we are designed to surpass all responsibilities. What goes out of control, mostly deliberately is our own health.
So we give you the daily caretakers of women’s health in just two cups of tea every day.

Herbal drink for women

Take a look at the various tea blends serving the different health concerns of women of all ages and roles:
Wellness drinks: Promotes the overall health of adult women without any medical limitations. Good for maintaining a healthy immune system.
Reproductive drinks: Take care of your reproductive health with the right balance of hormones throughout and post your menstrual age.
Pregnancy drinks: Imparts strength to mother and foetus, drives away morning sickness, digestion problems and boosts immunity.
Mother’s tea: The much-needed cup of good hope for new and lactating mothers. Shed the pregnancy wear and tears and escape from postpartum depression. This tea also improves the quantity and quality of breast milk.
Vitality blends: The complete energy drinks for those busy runners of life. The blends provide nourishment and minerals to replenish your exhausted spirit.
Beauty blends: Care for your connective tissue such as skin and hair.  

Detoxes: Flushes out the toxins from the body and promotes healthy blood flow.
All our products contain hundred percent herbal ingredients in their purest and most effective forms. No side effects, but with proven benefits, follow the intake instructions for optimum effect. Available in your favorite delicious flavors and mini-trial packs at all leading and online stores.
Prepare the guards of our health in a few minutes because we know that if we don’t care, no one else will.

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